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You can find this in the Warehousing dashboard in Mybring

You can find this in the Warehousing dashboard in Mybring

Get the overview you need quickly and easily via our dashboard. This is where we visualize the information and transactions that are important for your inventory and logistics.

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The dashboard is the first page when you open Warehousing. It is divided into 5 sections (overview, economy, quality, inventory, and deviation) where we want to give you a useful overview of how the traffic is in and out of our warehouse, as well as what happens continuously with the inventory. 


The overview shows the number of active orders and allows you to click to filtered sales order lists for the various statuses, if you want to view detailed info. If you use Bring as a carrier, we also display the status all the way to your customers. 

This means the statuses in the overview:

  • New
    Number of orders we have received, but not yet started
  • In progress
    Number of orders placed on a picking list or being picked
  • Picked
    Number of orders picked and prepared for transport
  • Completed today
    Number of orders we have assigned for transport today
  • Cancelled today
    Number of orders cancelled today
  • Backorder
    Number of orders where a product is temporarily out of stock/not available in stock
  • Sent
    Number of orders collected by Bring for transport to your customer
  • Arrived at pick-up point
    Number of orders waiting for collection by your customers
  • Delivered today
    Number of orders delivered to your customers today
  • Returned
    Orders that have been returned to the sender or have been recalled
  • Deviation
    Orders sent with Bring with deviations during shipping

In addition to an overview of your sales orders, you also get:

  • Customer service
    Overview of the number of cases with customer service and the related status
  • Weekly report
    Orders completed by the warehouse in the last seven days
  • Purchase order
    View and open your latest purchase orders to see details
  • Newsfeed
    Here we share news and information about new functionality, improvements, and changes
  • Order flow
    Visual overview of the order flow of sales orders today, yesterday and the last 30 days
  • Top 10 sold articles per month
    Visual overview of sales statistics filtered on the top 10 sold articles per month which can be filtered by product category. 


The economy tab shows today's inventory value* and inventory value per product category, inventory value over time, and warehouse costs that calculate the cost per sales order per month. By clicking on the different months, you can see the key figures and get a link to the relevant invoices sent this month.

*Inventory value is calculated based on the inventory and purchase price, see separate article to easily update category and inventory value.


The quality tab shows key figures related to agreement quality.
The first box shows “Order lines picked correctly”. By clicking on the different months, you will get details for the relevant month in the form of the number of orders, number of picking errors and percentage without picking errors. In addition, you will see a list of your customer service cases with picking errors linked to the order number.


For better inventory management, we have created a new tab to give you better insight into:

  • Expired articles
  • Soon expired articles
  • Sold out articles in the last 7 and 30 days

These insights help to filter your inventory so that you can gain an overview and control, track incidents and take necessary action when needed.


The deviation tab shows notifications about various deviations that have occurred.

When you have a sales order or purchase order with deviations, you will be notified of these orders so that you can follow up and possibly inform your customers or suppliers. You can also correct errors or act as efficiently as possible.

The deviation tab shows the following deviations that may occur:

  • Order with transport deviations
    Orders that have transport options that are not in the customer agreement or is missing a transport company/-service
  • Order with shipping deviations
    Orders shipped with Bring that have deviations during shipment
  • Order with returned shipment
    Orders that are returned to sender or been recalled
  • Purchase order with quantity deviations
    Closed purchase orders at the warehouse with deviation
  • Order with picking error
    Created customer service cases with picking errors
  • Minimum stock level reached
    Articles that are under the set parameter for minimum stock level

You can easily subscribe to notifications and receive daily updates by email with the various deviations and the number of deviations that have occurred.

If you want to remove a deviation, you can cross out or clear all.
The deviation that is crossed out is logged on the sales order or purchase order, so that you can easily see which user has processed/removed the deviation.

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