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You can find this in the Warehousing dashboard in Mybring

You can find this in the Warehousing dashboard in Mybring

Get the overview you need quickly and easily via our dashboard. This is where we visualise the information and transactions that are important for your stock and logistics.

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The dashboard is the new first page when you open Warehousing. It is divided into three sections (overview, finance and quality) to give you a useful overview of how traffic enters and leaves our warehouse.


The overview shows the number of active orders and allows you to click to filtered sales order lists for the various categories, if you want to view detailed info. If you use Bring as the carrier, we also display the status all the way to your customers.

This means the statuses in the overview:

  • New
    Number of orders we have received, but not yet started
  • In progress
    Number of orders placed on a picking list and now being picked
  • Picked
    Number of orders picked and prepared for dispatch
  • Completed in stock today
    Number of orders we have assigned for transport today
  • Cancelled today
    Number of orders cancelled today
  • Sent
    Number of orders collected by Norway Post/Bring for transport to your customer
  • Arrived at pick-up point
    Number of orders waiting for collection by your customers
  • Delivered today
    Number of orders delivered to your customers today

Besides an overview of your sales orders, you also get a weekly report that shows orders completed within the last seven days, and you can view and open your last purchase orders to view details. 


The Finance tab shows your inventory costs and calculates the cost per sales order per month.

By clicking on the different months you will see the key figures and also get a link to the relevant invoices sent this month.


The quality tab shows key figures related to agreement quality.

The first box shows “Order lines picked correctly”. By clicking on the different months you will get details for the relevant month in the form of the number of orders, number of picking errors and percentage without picking errors. In addition, you will see a list of your customer service tickets with picking errors linked to the order number.

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