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How to avoid returns with the "Not collected at pickup point" report in Mybring

How to avoid returns with the "Not collected at pickup point" report in Mybring

The "Not collected at pickup point" report lets you keep track of shipments that have been at a pickup point for a long time so that you can follow up the recipients yourself, thereby avoiding return costs and lost revenue. The report is available for Norwegian and Nordic parcel services. 

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When a shipment has been left for 2 weeks at a pickup point without being collected, it is sent back to you, the sender (NB. shipments to parcel lockers in Finland are sent back after 1 week). This results in: 

  • You are being charged a return cost 
  • Potential loss of revenue from your sale 

Recipients receive several notifications from Posten/Bring about collecting the shipment from the pickup point. With the "Not collected at pickup point" report, you are also able to follow up the recipients yourself. Note that the allowed storage time is slightly longer than 2 weeks in July and December. 

Generate the "Not collected at pickup point" report 

  1. Click "Reports" and select "New report".  
  2. Select the customer number and/or customer number group for which you want the report. 
  3. Under "Status", select "Not collected at pickup point". Specify the period for which you want to generate the report and click "Create report".  
  4. The report is now displayed. Customise what information you want to include by adding and removing columns under "Change columns". It is a good idea to include the "Pickup code" column in this report if you need to remind the recipients. 
  5. If you want to download the report, click "Download" in the top right-hand corner of the table and select the format required (PFD, Excel, XML or compressed XML-file (zip)).  
  6. If you want to search and filter in the report shown on the screen, click "Show search". A search field for each column in the report is now shown.  Enter the search value in the required field and click "Search".