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Bring Ventures

Bring Ventures is dedicated to invest in disruptive and ambitious seed and early phase companies.

Building an ecosystem with internal and external innovation

We believe the success of the future will be created together in a collaboration with external influences like universities, innovation environments, and start-ups. Our goal is to create and continuously develop an ecosystem built on new business models.   Where the ecosystem’s focus on two major trends that will contribute to our group being in the driver's seat: digitization and sustainability.


Bring Ventures desires to endorse new technology to ensure a sustainable logistics sector and society. Promoting and exploring new solutions that can contribute to Norway Post group, but also to the logistics industry's change towards a more sustainable future.
We are looking to invest in new technology to boost the solutions and make them ready to accelerate.


We are interested in solutions that can help us keep on track or ahead of the ongoing change digitization drives within our industry. We are looking for companies trying to change current rules and positions to enable a future position in a landscape where digital is first. The solutions we are interested in could be strengthening our customer offering or within e-commerce and logtech.  Additionally, other areas of interest may also be considered.

A value-adding investor

Bring Ventures is the Corporate Venture arm of the Norway Post Group. We strive to be a value-adding investor by building close relationships, exchanging capabilities, expertise, customers, and volumes. We will influence (preferably) through board positions, while the companies themselves handle the strategic work.
We work openly with partners and companies to understand how we can help support their growth and help turn their vision into reality. Though case dependent, this often involves a capital investment, but it can also mean access to our ecosystem, active board work, conducting pilots together with parts of our organization, or entering a commercial partnership. 

Portfolio companies

These are our current investments to date.


Wanda is a storage and warehouse platform for your precious items. A tech and logistic start-up that aims to create a sustainable consumer brand in an ultra-dated industry. Wanda space work to solve storage problems for people and businesses alike, making their lives simpler, cleaner and easier.


Making it easy for businesses to buy online. A Buy Now, Pay Later payment plugin for your checkout.


Crossborderit makes global shopping easy. They offer a great customer experience for global cross border shopping.


The Electric Road System for everyone. A holistic charging solution for all electric vehicles – commercial or private, light or heavy, autonomous or not, to use while driving or parked.


Kavall is a grocery delivery company that offers a 10-minute delivery service


TempOnline’s solutions monitor the temperature in your fridge and freezer. The digital monitor with an alarm helps you save time and money.


OnBuy.com is an international sales channel for companies of all sizes. It is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces.


Tise believe that second hand trade is an important key to make the world more sustainable. the company help people #reuse by making second hand more fun and inspiring.


Aviant delivers full-stack drone services that enables autonomous and on-demand transport of cargo.


Sharefox aims to be a global leader in digital infrastructure for a superior rental experience. The company digitalize existing rental operations and enable new rental-based services through a SaaS platform.


Dintero is a SaaS company that offers a complete, digital payment solution with a simplified payment process for B2B.


Easycom is a SaaS company that offers a flexible and digital return solution through a white-label solution.