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Mybring is our digital self-service solution for companies – made to simplify your company's everyday logistics. On these pages, you will find articles that describe how to use functionality related to the different functional areas in Mybring:


In Mybring you can choose from a large range of services when ordering transport. You choose whether you want to send to one recipient at a time or many recipients at the same time. We also offer ordering pickup, various return solutions and several useful functions such as calculator, order history, address book, shopping card and favourites. 


As a sender you get access to extended tracking information and more tracking points. In Mybring you choose whether you want to track one shipment at a time or several shipments at the same time. You can also make changes to shipments on the way and create customer service cases.

Reports & Invoices

In Mybring you can choose from a wide range of reports in the categories status, quality and deviations, economy as well as environment.  You choose whether you want to extract reports manually or set up fixed subscriptions. In addition to reports, you will also find invoices and invoice specifications.

Customer service

In our customer service solution, you see all cases related to your customer number – regardless of whether these are registered by phone, e-mail or via the web. You can create, view, and download cases, and subscribe to case updates.


You can administrate users, customer numbers, rights, profile information, consents, and API access in Mybring. In addition, you can define your company's Mybring name, upload logo, set up subscription for operational messages and define customer number groups. 


  • We offer a range of services for those who want to send something. If you are new to Mybring and unsure how to select the right service, you may find this guide useful.

    How to select the right service when ordering in Mybring 

  • You can easily order your parcels in Mybring. Calculate the agreement price when ordering, tailor with the additional services you want, and quickly order a pickup when the parcels are ready.

    How to order one parcel in Mybring

  • In Mybring you can efficiently order up to 100 shipments at a time. The solution is designed focusing on rapid ordering rather than price calculation and tailoring. All our Norwegian and Nordic parcel services (including bulk services), both outbound and return, are supported.

    How to order multiple parcels at the same time in Mybring

  • You can easily order your Parcel to Mailbox shipments in Mybring. Select the option Bag on door Door for flexible delivery if the shipment is too large to fit in your customer's mailbox.

    How to order Mailbox parcel with Bag on door in Mybring

  • By offering Optional pickup point in your web shop via our Pickup Point API, you give your recipients flexibility and freedom of choice. After the order has been placed in the web shop, you can easily order the shipment in Mybring.

    How to order Pick-up parcel with Optional pickup point in Mybring

  • You can easily order your Groupage and part load shipments in Mybring. Calculate what the shipment will cost and add the additional services you want. You can easily keep track of the orders in the order history.

    How to order Groupage and Partload in Mybring

  • You can quickly order your courier and express shipments in Mybring. We offer both local courier and long-distance courier services. Calculate what the shipment will cost and easily keep track of the orders in the order history.

    How to order courier and express services in Mybring

  • When you have an agreement for Cargo International, you can easily order your shipments in Mybring. Calculate what the shipment will cost and upload the necessary documentation after the order is completed.

    How to order Cargo International (BCI) in Mybring

  • If you are using Business Parcel and PickUp Parcel to send a shipment out of Norway, you must fill in information about its contents. You can easily add this customs information when ordering in Mybring.

    How to order parcels with customs information in Mybring


  • Our solutions for sender-ordered returns allow you to choose how you want to create a return shipment. Enclose a return label in the outgoing shipment to avoid the need for a printer or order the return shipment separately and send the label to the sender of the return.

    Sender-ordered return in Mybring

  • Our recipient-ordered return solution allows you to manage your return logistics efficiently and with great flexibility. The recipient easily orders the return shipment via a return code, and as the sender, you pay. All our Norwegian and Nordic parcel return services are supported.

    Recipient-ordered return in Mybring


Support functionality

  • Whether you use Mybring Booking or other booking systems, you can quickly create bulk documents for cross-border transport in Mybring. You can easily keep track of generated documents in your history.

    How to create bulk documents in Mybring

  • Mybring's order history lets you easily keep track of all orders for your company's customer numbers. You can search for specific shipments, view their details and latest tracking status, print labels and go to the receipt page.

    How to use the order history in Mybring

  • When ordering a lot of shipments, you can save time by batch printing the labels when you have completed the orders, e.g. at the end of the day. It is easy to print labels for up to 100 orders at the same time in Mybring's order history.

    How to batch print labels in Mybring

  • Mybring's address book makes your ordering processes more efficient by quickly looking up the contact you will be using when ordering. Save, search for, import/export in and out of Mybring and share the contacts with your colleagues.

    How to use the address book in Mybring

  • If you frequently use the same sender, it is a good idea to set a default address in the address book in Mybring. Using a default address will save you time every time you order a shipment as the sender details will already be filled in.

    How to save time with a default address in Mybring

  • If multiple Mybring users in your company place orders for the same customer number, it is a good idea to share contacts across users. An updated address book will always then be available to all users.

    How to share contacts in Mybring

  • If you manage contacts in two systems, one in Mybring and one locally at your location, you can easily export and import contacts between these systems.

    How to import and export contacts in and out of Mybring

Shopping cart and favourites

  • If you regularly order a shipment with exactly the same sender, recipient, service options and shipment details, it is a good idea to save it as a favourite in order to save time.

    How to save time with favourites in Mybring

  • The shopping cart is available if you order with credit card in Mybring. If you order multiple shipments, you can add the orders to the shopping cart as you complete them. Finally, you pay collectively for all the shipments.

    How to use the shopping cart in Mybring


  • By tracking your shipments in Mybring, you get more tracking information. All tracking information about the shipment is gathered in once place to give you a clear overview and make it easy to find what you are looking for.

    Extended tracking in Mybring

  • In Mybring you can easily track multiple shipments at the same time in Mybring. This way you save time and get a quick overview.

    How to track multiple shipments in Mybring

  • In Mybring you can make changes to a shipment that is already on the way in our transport system. The functionality is supported for all our outgoing Norwegian parcel services, except Mailbox parcel.

    How to modify a shipment on the way directly from Mybring

  • In Mybring you can view and create customer service cases directly from the tracking screen. See if customer service cases have already been created for the shipment, avoid duplicates and quickly find the information you need to provide good service to your customers.

    How to view and create customer service cases directly from tracking in Mybring

  • If a parcel has not been delivered as planned, you can easily enquire about it using the tracking screen in Mybring. This way you save time, and the query is sent straight to our customer service.

    How to enquire a parcel from tracking in Mybring


  • In Mybring, you can generate a range of reports for your parcels and goods shipments so that you maintain full control of your logistics. We offer various reports within the categories "Status", "Quality and deviation", "Economy" and "Environment".

    How to generate reports in Mybring

  • If you want to save time when extracting reports in Mybring, we recommend you create one or more report subscriptions. The reports are then automatically sent to your email as often as you like.

    How to subscribe to reports from Mybring

  • Mybring's status reports show the status of your shipments: from pre-registered to delivered to recipient. The reports that are available to you will depend on which customer numbers are linked to your user.

    Status reports in Mybring

  • Mybring's economy reports provide an overview of costs associated with your shipments: calculations of accumulated and at shipment/order level. The reports that are available to you will depend on which customer numbers are linked to your user.

    Economy reports in Mybring

  • Mybring's quality and discrepancy reports give you an overview of delivery quality and discrepancies: actual delivery time against estimated delivery time, and discrepancies in production - from missing pre-notification to returned to sender. The reports that are available to you will depend on which customer numbers are linked to your user.

    Quality and deviation reports in Mybring

  • Mybring's environmental reports provide an overview of your shipments' climate footprint. This way you can easily retrieve data if requested by your customers for internal ISO reporting or other purposes.

    Environmental reports in Mybring

  • The "Not collected at pickup point" report lets you keep track of shipments that have been at a pickup point for a long time so that you can follow up the recipients yourself, thereby avoiding return costs and lost revenue. The report is available for Norwegian and Nordic parcel services.

    How to avoid returns with the "Not collected at pickup point" report in Mybring

  • The dashboard that displays the day's scheduled deliveries and any discrepancies in real time. This way you can easily overview your shipments and engage proactively with your customers in the event of discrepancies. The dashboard is available for Norwegian and Nordic parcel services and goods in Norway.

    How to use the dashboard in Mybring

  • The Mybring overview page gives you a quick overview of the quantity of shipments and costs in a single visual interface. The list is available for Norwegian and Nordic parcel services and goods in Norway.

    How to get an overview of your volumes and costs in Mybring


  • Mybring's invoice archive lets you easily keep track of your company's invoices. You can retrieve the PDF invoices yourself and view any attachments associated with them.

    Invoice in Mybring

  • Mybring's specified invoice report gives you a detailed overview of your invoice so that you can easily check it.

    How to use the "Specified invoice" report in Mybring

Document search

  • Using Mybring's document search feature you can quickly find the documents you need to check invoices, retrieve customs documents for reporting or other purposes. Document search is available for Oil Express and BCI customers in Norway.

    How to perform a document search in Mybring

Customer service

Customer administration

  • Mybring is our digital self-service tool for companies, and all Bring's contract customers can create one or more Mybring users. If you are not an agreement customer, you can still create a user and pay for your orders by card.

    How to register your company in Mybring

  • If your company already uses Mybring, you can easily create a new user and link this to the company's customer number. Once you have created a Mybring user, it is simple to carry out transactions and other tasks in Mybring.

    How to create a new user in Mybring

  • You can add new customer numbers to Mybring if you need other services. If you have a contact person at Bring, we recommend that you contact this person before you create additional customer numbers.

    How to add more customer numbers in Mybring

  • As an administrator of a customer number, you can grant access to users, either directly or upon request from the user.

    How to grant and change user access in Mybring

  • We recommend that everyone who will be using Mybring to have a personal user. A user can have different accesses to the different customer numbers. As a Mybring administrator, you can easily create and add new users to your customer numbers.

    How to add new users to your customer number in Mybring

  • You can upload your company logo in Mybring. This way, your logo is exposed to your customers when they track their parcels - an easy way to brand your business via Posten and Bring's user interfaces.

    How to upload a logo to your customer number in Mybring

  • Deviation notifications for Groupage and partload are sent out separately from the ones for our parcel services. Access to these messages is managed by you as an administrator and are only sent out for your company's specific shipments.

    How to sign up for deviation notifications for Groupage and Partload via Mybring

User administration

  • Your user contains useful information that you need to be able to use Mybring effectively. You should keep your profile information updated to ensure that Mybring always works correctly.

    How to manage your user profile in Mybring

  • The functionality in Mybring is divided into different functional areas. If you as a user need more accesses, you can easily request this from your administrator.

    How to request other accesses in Mybring

  • Reports can be accessed via FTP in Mybring. By using FTP, you can retrieve ready reports from Mybring without having to log in and download manually. The reports are transferred simply and directly into your systems.

    How to access reports via FTP in Mybring

  • Deviation notifications from Bring contain information about operational issues that may affect the delivery time of your parcels. In Mybring you can set up an e-mail subscription for these messages.

    How to sign up for deviation notifications via Mybring

  • Most of our services can be used both directly in our web portal and via API. With APIs you can connect your systems directly to Mybring to order or retrieve data without having to sign in to our web portal at

    How to get started with API in Mybring

  • Customer number groups can save you time if your company has multiple customer numbers with Bring. Merging customer numbers into one or more customer number groups is a simple way to obtain a complete picture of all the shipments. 

    How to create grouped customer numbers in Mybring