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How to use the address book in Mybring

How to use the address book in Mybring

Mybring's address book makes your ordering processes more efficient by quickly looking up the contact you will be using when ordering. Save, search for, import/export in and out of Mybring and share the contacts with your colleagues.

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One list 

All contacts are stored in one single list in Mybring. This eliminates having to manage separate address lists for senders and recipients – after all, one contact can be both a sender and recipient.  


It is simple to search for specific contacts in the address book. Search by name, address, postal code, city, country, email address, phone number, contact person, customer number or customer name. 

Use contacts effectively when ordering 

You can quickly look up the contact you are going to use when you make a coverage search under "Booking". You can choose to search by name, address, postal code, city, email address, telephone number or contact person. Searching for and using sender and/or recipient contacts when you are ordering saves you time as the details are filled in when you get to the sender and recipient page.