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How to register your company in Mybring

How to register your company in Mybring

Mybring is our digital self-service tool for companies, and all Bring's contract customers can create one or more Mybring users. If you are not an agreement customer, you can still create a user and pay for your orders by card.

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Become a Mybring customer

  1. Go to www.mybring.com and select "Registrer ny bedrift".
  2. Select your country and enter your organisation registration number to search for your company.
  3. Make any corrections to the addresses, if necessary, and click "Fortsett".
  4. State the approximate expected volume and what kind of services are relevant. Click "Fortsett".
  5. Fill in the user information for the first user to be created for the customer number and click "Fullfør". 

The first user is created as an administrator and is given full access to all functions for the customer number. 

You will receive an email to confirm your password. You can then start to use Mybring as a credit customer.