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Recipient-ordered pickup in Mybring

Recipient-ordered pickup in Mybring

Our recipient-ordered pickup solution allows you to manage your return logistics efficiently and with great flexibility. The recipient easily orders the pickups via an agreement code, and as the original sender, you pay. Pickup of parcels and Business Pallet in Norway, Sweden and Denmark is supported.

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Step 1: Setup agreement for recipient-ordered pickup

Getting started with our recipient-ordered pickup solution is easy. Simply call your contact person at Bring and ask them to set up an agreement that is activated for recipient-ordered pickup. The following information must be specified in the agreement: 

  • Which pickup service you want to use (for now, only pickup of parcels and Business pallet is supported)
  • The agreement code you want to link to the agreement 

One agreement can be created per pickup service per country per customer number. The same agreement code can be used for the same pickup service across countries. 

Step 2: Setup link to recipient

You choose how you want to distribute the agreement code. The recipient needs to know the following to be able to order the pickup: 

  • Link to the website: pickup.bring.com
  • The agreement code 

To make it as simple as possible for your recipients, we recommend that you create a direct link that also contains the agreement code. The recipient can then quickly click on/enter the link, and a search for an agreement will automatically take place when landing on the page. To create a 2-in-1 link like this, add the agreement code after "=" in the following string: 

  • https://pickup.bring.com/?q= 

Example: agreement code 12345678999 -> link https://pickup.bring.com/?q=12345678999 

Step 3: A recipient generates a pickup

A recipient orders a pickup simply by: 

  1. Clicking/entering the link with the agreement code. 
  2. Filling in where to pick up and what to pick up.
  3. Entering the date the shipments are desired to be picked up.
  4. Clicking "Order pickup". The return label is generated and is ready to be printed.  

Remember that all kolli must be correctly labelled when they are picked up.

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