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How to use the order history in Mybring

How to use the order history in Mybring

Mybring's order history lets you easily keep track of all orders for your company's customer numbers. You can search for specific shipments, view their details and latest tracking status, print labels and go to the receipt page.

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Order history at customer number level 

Mybring's order history is based on customer numbers. This means that, in addition to your own orders, you will see all orders placed by other users with access to the same customer number. This provides you with a quick and clear overview of all shipments.  

Search & filter 

The search and filter feature makes it easy to find specific shipments. You can search by shipment number, sender, recipient, or reference number. You can filter your search by time period, service, who ordered the service and payment method. 

Print labels 

You can print labels for your shipments in the order history. If you have large volumes, you can easily print labels for up to 100 shipments at a time. You will then get a complete PDF file with all the labels you have chosen to print.  

View latest tracking status 

The order history provides a quick overview of the latest tracking status of your shipments. If you want to see full tracking information for the shipment, simply click on the shipment number. 

Go to the receipt page 

If you need to print the receipt page, you can easily return to it by going back to the order in the order history.