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How to modify a shipment on the way directly from Mybring

How to modify a shipment on the way directly from Mybring

In Mybring you can make changes to a shipment that is already on the way in our transport system. The functionality is supported for all our outgoing Norwegian parcel services, except Mailbox parcel.

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Changing a shipment

You can change a shipment from when it is pre-registered until it is loaded for delivery, returned, delivered, or lost. The change will apply to all packages in the shipment, and it is therefore not possible to make changes to a shipment if parts of this shipment have already been delivered.  

  1. Click "Tracking" and search for the shipment.  
  2. Click "Modify or stop shipment" and select the change you want to make. You can stop and recall the shipment, change the COD amount or change the delivery address. Follow the instructions that apply to the type of change you have selected.  

To order changes to a shipment, your Mybring user must have "Booking" permission for the customer number that the shipment was ordered with. This permission is granted by the customer number administrator or by Mybring customer service. 

Search change history 

You can easily get an overview of who in your company has ordered changes to which shipments.

  1. Click "Tracking" and select "Change history".  
  2. Select the customer number for which you want to see the changes. The change history is based on customer numbers. This means it displays all changes made by users with access to this customer number. 
  3. To search and filter in the history, use the fields "Modification type", "Search" and "Select date" at the top of the page.