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How to order Pick-up parcel with Optional pickup point in Mybring

How to order Pick-up parcel with Optional pickup point in Mybring

By offering Optional pickup point in your web shop via our Pickup Point API, you give your recipients flexibility and freedom of choice. After the order has been placed in the web shop, you can easily order the shipment in Mybring.

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  1. Click "Booking" and select "Single outbound". 
  2. Enter where in Norway you are sending from and to. Click "Find services" and select "Pick-up parcel". 
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel if you want to see the price of the shipment. 
  4. Enter dispatch method. 
  5. You can tailor the shipment by adding the additional services you want under "Additional services". Select "Optional pickup point" if the recipient has selected a pickup point in the web shop.  
  6. Search for the pickup point that the recipient selected when ordering in the web shop by searching for the city, municipality, pickup point name or unique ID (ref. info from Pickup Point API).  
  7. Select the invoice recipient. Your agreement price is displayed in the summary on the right. Proceed by clicking "Sender and recipient". 
  8. Fill in sender and recipient details. If you frequently use the same sender, save it as "Personal contact" or "Shared contact" and then select "Set as default address" in the address book. This will save you time when you next place an order as the sender details will already be filled in.  
  9. Click "Order". Remember to print the label and attach it to the parcel.