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How to grant and change user access in Mybring

How to grant and change user access in Mybring

As an administrator of a customer number, you can grant access to users, either directly or upon request from the user.

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Grant access on request

If, when you sign in as an administrator, you have been requested to grant accesses to one of your customer numbers, the quantity of requests is shown in "Administration" on the front page of Mybring. These are managed as follows:

  1. Click "Administration".
  2. Click on the link "Go to user administration to view requests" in the message box at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Manage request".
  4. Select "Reject" or "Approve".

Grant access directly or change accesses

If a user needs access but has not requested it in Mybring, as an administrator you can change the user access directly:

  1. Click "Administration" and select "User administration".
  2. Click on the user whose accesses you want to change.
  3. Click on the line with the customer number you want to change that user's access to.
  4. Tick the accesses that you want to grant to the user. NB: Remember that administrators can grant themselves all accesses.
  5. Click "Save rights".

If you are the administrator for multiple customer numbers, you can also grant the user access to the other customer numbers by selecting "Add a customer number" under "Access rights".