Supplementary Services

  • POD (Proof of delivery)

    Your business will receive active feedback either via email, fax or a scanned document in MINe to say that your goods were delivered to the recipient, along with a copy of the signed consignment note.

    Labelling and scanning apply to all items from collection to arrival at terminals and upon delivery. The option to track items is available online via MINe.

  • Loading and unloading at the sender/recipient sites

    If your business so requests, you can hire loading and unloading equipment. This must be ordered when the transport assignment is booked.

  • Third party payment

    If your business would like third party payment for the item, a contract must be entered into. If the third party is not creditworthy, your business will be invoiced an extra 10% of the gross freight cost.

  • Printing and applying labels

    If you need help labelling goods, we can do the job for you. Your goods can then be tracked in our systems. Tracking is part of the service and not an additional service.

  • Late booking

    If you would like goods brought to our terminal after the transporter has already stopped by your office, we can send a separate collection so that your goods can still be loaded on the linehaul truck going abroad. The deadlines for this service are in accordance with set schedules for the individual terminal.

  • Extra man in the van

    For customers with urgent deliveries to Europe where the transit times require the vehicle to operate in excess of the current driving and rest provisions, your business can book an extra man in the van.

  • Dimensions and weights

    If you are unable to provide dimensions and weight for the goods, this can be done upon arrival at the terminal, where dimensions and weight will be recorded on the consignment note.

  • Cash on delivery/Cash against documents (COD/CAD)

    If required and for a fee, we can request payment for goods delivered to the recipient on your behalf.

  • Customs refund

    If your business so requires, we can apply on your behalf for a refund of customs costs.