We offer global transport solutions, with the Nordic Region and western Europe as our speciality. We can of course arrange the domestic transport leg that is linked to your overseas transport when required.

Road and rail transport currently forms the largest part of our offer, but we also have highly efficient methods in place in order to arrange sea and air transport. In other words, we will find a solution for any type of cargo regardless of transportation method. Our carriers' task is to find the best solution for you in any given situation, and with a flexible organisation, as we are, we can handle whatever requirements is desired from us.

Having branches in all of the Nordic countries allow us to meet the requirements for Nordic solutions. In order for us to meet the our customers' needs around the world, offices in US and China puts us close to the global market. Additional, we are represented by an extensive worldwide network of agents in the rest of the world.

International transport by road and rail to and from Norway

International transport by road and rail to and from Sweden

Read more about the new SOLAS VGM Regulation.

Find more information about our domestic and international cargo services on our national websites in English for Norway and Sweden.

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