Seven out of ten consumers state that good delivery options are essential to get the best online shopping experience. If you have an online store, you can offer your customers home delivery to the door, delivery to the mail box or pick-up point. Let your customers choose how their orders are delivered. Bring has a wide range of delivery services covering the entire Nordic region.

To the mail box

Delivery to the mail box is an easy and practical option for small, light parcels of low value. Parcels can be sent with or without tracking - let your customers decide.

Pick-up point

If the parcel doesn't fit the mail box, pick-up points in shops or from parcel lockers is easy and flexible for the customer. We are increasing our availability by extending our delivery network to 6000 pick-up point locations throughout the Nordic region.

Home delivery

Having your parcel delivered at home is easy and practical. We can help your Nordic customers have their orders delivered at home, whether these are small or large parcels and whether this applies during the day, evenings or weekends. We can also assemble and install goods, and take away the old ones when we leave. 

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