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Packaging guide

Welcome to the Packaging Guide

Helping you pack and package goods in a smart, safe and cost-effective way

It is important to pack goods correctly and choose the right packaging so they reach their destination undamaged. All parcels are machine sorted on a conveyor belt and transported by rail, air, road or bicycle. They are loaded together with other goods of varying shapes, sizes and weights. Your parcels and goods must therefore be packed and packaged to withstand pressure, shock and movement.

Should an accident occur and your goods are damaged in transit, you will be compensated only if the goods are correctly packed and packaged.

Get tips on the best way to pack, protect and ship your goods

Our Start Sending guide provides information and guidance on what a logistics procurement officer needs to think about. It explains how to calculate the size and weight of your parcel so you get the right price. It also gives advice on which type of packaging is most suitable for different types of content. You can download the guide in PDF format and take it to the team in the warehouse!

Send smarter!

Start Sending - useful guidance on sending parcels and pallets

Download our guide

A positive delivery experience means that the goods arrive in a good condition

Read these articles on packing and packaging to help you avoid many of the most common mistakes. By packing your goods correctly, you can save space and thus keep delivery costs down.

Your customers expect the goods they have ordered to arrive in a good condition. It also gives the customer a better overall impression of your company if they see that the goods are properly packed in the box when it arrives. Consequently, a lot of money, time and frustration can be saved. And customers will become more satisfied and loyal.