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How to share a purchase order

As a supplier you can share a purchase order with one or more sub suppliers. In this guide we will go through the necessary steps.

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As a supplier you can share either the whole, or parts of a purchase order with one or more sub-suppliers. By using the sharing functionality your sub supplier only need to have access to Mybring to book transport. The sub-supplier will not get access to any other purchase orders, or any other article lines than those you share.

Some limitations

  • You can only use the transport link once
    If your sub supplier are to send moer than one transport you will have to share the PO once per transport.

  • The sub supplier need access to a Mybring user. 
  • The user needs access to the custoemr number wo is to pay for the transport.
    If the recipient of the transport is to pay our cusotemr service can assist in setting this up. 
    If the sub supplier is to pay for the transport they need to have a transport agreement with Bring.

How to share the entire, or parts of a purchase order

  1. Go to mybring.com and choose "Order Management" after looging in.
  2. In the list of purchase orders, select the check box of the PO, or POs you want to share.
    Sub supplier


  3. Click share
  4. Select the order lines you want to share, and enter the quantity of articles you want to be sent.
    The sub supplier confirms the amount to be sent when they book the transport.
    Sub supplier


  5. Enter the email address you want to send the PO to. Your sub supplier will receive an email with a link to book transport for the shipment.

You can share the same PO, or parts of a PO, several times with one or more suppliers.

You can read about the sub supplier's booking process here.


Any questions?

If you require any assistance we have a team of Mybring specialists available either by phone 04045 (International callers:+47 22030045) or by email: kundeservice.mybring@bring.com


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