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How to book transport for a purchase order

In the purchase order solution in Mybring, Order Management, you will see a complete overview of all purchase orders that has been sent to you. Through the portal you can book transport from your location to the requested delivery location and confirm the goods you are shipping.

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To book transport your user has to be added to the supplier in the Order Management portal. If you do not get access to the portal please contact Mybring support so that they can add your user.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide explaining how to book transport for your purchase order in Mybring.

How to book transport for your PO

  1. Open www.mybring.com and select Order Management form the menu.
  2. Find your purchase order in the list and open it by clicking the Order id
  3. Click "Book transport" in the grey box at the top of the PO details.
    You will be taken to a page asking you to confirm the products you are to ship. 
    PO Summary


  4. Confirm what you are shipping by entering the amount of items for each order line and click "Book":
    Packaging list submission
    You will then be taken to the transport booking.
  5. Correct the sender and recipient details if there's an error. Then choose the transport service.
    Transport booking start


  6. Enter the shipment details and press "Sender and recipient".
    Shipment details


  7. Sender and recipient information should already be pre-populated with the details from the PO. 
    Add, or correct any missing or incorrect info and click the  Order button.

    Sender and recipient details


  8. The temporary order confirmation confirms that you have booked the transport. You will get an email confirming the booking.
    Print any required documents and attach them to the shipment. 



  9. Print the label and waybill (4 copies) and attach the required documents to the shipment. Keep the 4th copy of the waybill for your reference. 
    Both the label and waybill can be printed both from the the confirmation page and from the confirmation email. 

  10. For international bookings use the upload documsnts functionality on the confirmation page to upload the necessary documents. After we receive the order you will be contacted to set up the transport.

Any questions?

If you require any assistance we have a team of Mybring specialists available either by phone 04045 (International callers:+47 22030045) or by email: kundeservice.mybring@bring.com


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