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Chatbot Privacy Policy

Information about processing of your personal data when you contact Posten & Bring customer service by using our chatbot

1. Introduction

In this privacy policy we describe how Posten Norge AS (Posten) processes your personal data when you contact us by using our chatbot.

Posten’s general privacy policy which can be found here in addition to this specific privacy policy. It provides supplemental information such as information about your rights under applicable privacy legislation.

The controller of personal data registered when you are using the chatbot is Posten Norge AS, business registration number 984 661 185, Biskop Gunnerus’ Gate 14 A, 0185 Oslo, Norway.

If you have any questions relating to our processing of your personal data, you may contact  Posten’s data privacy officer at personvernombud@posten.no.

2. Briefly about the chatbot

Simply explained, a chatbot is a software developed to interact with humans by use of language, writing or speech.

The chatbot can give you information about for example sending and tracing of parcels and letters, change of address or Digipost.

Look for the chat ikon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. What information are we using and why

When you use the chatbot

The only personal data which is relevant for the chatbot is the tracking number where you want to use the chatbot to trace a parcel. Beyond that, you do not need to register any personal data to use the chatbot.
Where we process personal data, we do that to be able to respond to your query in the best possible way. The legal basis for such processing is the GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter b) because the processing is required in order for us to reply to your query by using the chatbot.

Development of the chatbot

We are making random reviews of the customers’ questions made to the chatbot to improve the chatbots responses. We are not using any personal data for this purpose.  

Statistics and evaluation

We are using the questions made in the chatbot to create statistics and evaluate the use of the chatbot, but no personal data is used for this purpose.

4. Deletion

Your chat with the chatbot is stored for 1 month unless you choose to delete the chat when you end it. You may also download the chat if you want to. To delete or download, click the question mark ikon at the top of the chat window and make your choice.

5. Supplier

Boost.ai AS is our supplier of the chatbot. They process any personal data about you on our behalf and in accordance with a data processor agreement entered into with Posten.

6. If the chatbot is not able to reply and you ask to be put in contact with a customer service coworker

If you make a query which the chatbot cannot respond to, you will be given the opportunity to be connected to a customer service coworker through chat. You will first be asked to submit your name, email address and telephone number. We ask for this information while you wait in the «chat-queue» because such information in almost all instances proves to be necessary to solve issues in a good way. We are collection the information before you are put in contact with a customer advisor because that makes us more effective compared to having to ask for that information after contact has been made. Consequently, also the waiting time to be connected to a customer advisor is reduced. 

The information is not used for any other purpose than follow-up of your queries and to request your feedback on how you experienced your contact with our customer service. It is voluntary to respond to such feedback requests. 

The legal basis for processing the above information is GDPR article 6 no. letter f) based on an assessment that the privacy interests of the data subjects do not outweigh Posten’s interest in processing the personal data for the above stated purpose.

The data processed as a result of your chat with a customer advisor are retained for a period of 3.5 years where the query concerns a complaint. Chats related to advice, information or other services are retained for a period of 1.5 years.