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Corona information

Corona information - the Nordics is reopening

The Nordic countries have reopened and most of the corona restrictions have been lifted. What does this mean for you as a Bring customer and how does it affect our services?

From October 1st, we will no longer operate under the force majeure situation for our logistics services that was introduced when the pandemic was a fact. The force majeure situation meant that due to the risk of infection we had to deviate from certain routines and service requirements out of consideration for the risk of infection for our customers, recipients and employees. Physical signature, delivery inside buildings and private homes are examples of some such deviations. Our obligations regarding pick up and delivery times, shipping times and time guarantees follow the usual rules and conditions after October 1st. Our delivery routines can thus be resumed as a year and a half ago.

General info

As the vaccination coverage is rising and the infection rates are declining, we are now largely back to how society functioned before March 2020. The restrictions on the number of people who can gather in one place and distance rules have now been removed, along with most travel restrictions. The authorities' advice on good hand hygiene, recommendations for cold and illness symptoms and coughs, etc. still applies. We maintain these recommendations and routines at Bring. Among other things, hand sanitizer will be easily available at all our pick up-points, terminals and in our vehicles.

Our routines and conditions may look different for similar services in all our Nordic countries. We therefore recommend that you read current information on the abolition of corona-related logistics routines on the respective countries' websites:

- Norway
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Finland

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