Whether a small or large amount of parcels are being handled, an appropriate goods handling and transport solution is desirable. Posten has developed an electronic solution that can make everyday life easier for you. EDI gives you better control of your items, enabling you to provide an even better service for your customers.


EDI assumes that you have a simple data program for labelling, generating and sending information that can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased from a software supplier.
If you need any guidance, please phone us on: 04045. All our suppliers can assist you by phone and help to install the system. You enter all the information for the recipient, select the required service, and the system creates a label with a barcode that includes the required information. At the same time, the system sends information electronically to Posten.

What benefits does EDI have for you as the supplier?

The system helps to improve and simplify your internal procedures, giving cleaner logistics. If you start using an EDI solution, you gain the following benefits:

  • You avoid handwritten consignment notes that can be the source of wrong addresses, save time, avoid errors due to unclear handwriting and, not least, achieve savings through purchasing labels instead of consignment notes
  • EDI involves transferring data from one IT system to another, and the information can be reused directly in your ordering and invoicing system. This means less information needs to be entered, there are fewer error sources and thus data processing is quicker and more efficient
  • In most cases, the EDI software can be set up to automatically send confirmation of the mailing item to the recipient along with a tracking link. This means that your business is spared a lot of incoming telephone calls
  • Significantly cheaper cash on delivery (COD) solutions with EDI
  • Various SMS and email services are available. EDI is required for e-Advising. E-Advising is free, and the use of e-Advising means a reduction in the price of climate-neutral service parcels
  • EDI is the basis of all service development and is a Posten and Bring focus area.
  • It is also possible to use EDI with labels on parcels being sent abroad

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