Increase your efficiency and offer more sustainable deliveries

End-to-end control, automatization and real time communication will increase your profitability, improve your user satisfaction and reduce your carbon emissions.

Dispatch automatically

  • Advanced automatic route planning will streamline your deliveries and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Perform more complex deliveries in less time and with less deviations.

Transparency and control

  • Real time tracking and geolocation will help you to overview and monitor your deliveries pro actively.
  • Statistic dashboards, reports and analytics.
  • Seamless interfaces for all users; dispatchers, drivers, customers, recipients and customer service

Recipient focus

  • Automatic real time tracking and ETA communication
  • Offer value adding services to your recipients

More satisfied drivers

  • Less stress and more sustainable routes with the easy app guidance.
  • Communication options and updated delivery instructions

Sustainable logistics

  • Unlock new sustainable business potential with the automatic route planner and optimize it with your electrical cars and other green parameters. 
  • Visualize your green initiativese

Seamless integrations

  • Integrate GLOW with any other systems that you use. We´ll guide and help yout through the whole integration process.

Branded customer experience

  • Customize GLOW for your customers and their recipients
  • Control the customer journey and customize it with the prefered brand.