About GLOW

GLOW is a next-generation logistics platform developed by Bring and Posten Norge and used it in our own operations since 2017. It enables an improved delivery experience thanks to cloud-based, customer-centric technology that optimizes your operations.

GLOW’s innovative platform includes modules for automatic route planning and order management, real-time tracking, reports, booking, pricing, driver guidance, and communication with recipients. But that’s just the start.

With our logistics DNA and success management services we will make your transformation process as smooth as possible.

Use GLOW as your complete TMS or as a last-mile delivery platform that integrates easily with your existing systems. No matter how you implement and use the platform, you can be confident that your customers and the delivery recipients will always be in focus.

Our vision is to make the world smaller and everyday life simpler – for you and your drivers, but above all, for your customers and delivery recipients. GLOW delivers on that vision.

The goals of GLOW are to:

  1. Optimize and scale customer operations with intelligent, flexible tools
  2. Offer a user-friendly interface that facilitates and guides drivers
  3. Exceed the expectations of customers and recipients via flexible delivery options, real-time tracking and clear ETA communication