From a humble start in 2009, Perfume Click has expanded to offer nearly 9000 different lines of genuine, name-brand health and beauty products. Today they dispatch perfume and aftershave from Britain to consumers in 15 different countries and have further plans to launch in new markets around the globe.

As Perfume Click has grown internationally, the Nordic region has proven to be a particularly favourable market for their products. In fact, Denmark was the first country the retailer began selling to outside the U.K. Their initial entrance into the country came about partially from a personal coincidence. “My wife is Danish, which made translation easier,” laughs Deane Brooks, the Managing Director at Perfume Click. 


An ideal export market

However, it did not take long for Perfume Click to find that the Nordic region offered significant business potential. “Scandinavians are savvy consumers and there was a clear demand for a greater variety of quality, branded beauty products,” says Deane. “We realized Danish retailers were not offering the extensive range that we stock.”

 Perfume Click launched in Sweden next, seeing an opportunity in the country’s still larger customer base with similar tastes and demands as their Danish neighbours. Norway followed soon after, and more recently they have started a site for Finnish consumers as well.

In each country, Perfume Click endeavours to ensure customer satisfaction by making the online buying experience feel as local as possible. Prices are always listed in the local currency, and back in the U.K., the company has hired natives from each country to provide customers with support in their own languages. On each country website, all content as well as the URL and company name has been translated into the national language to create the feeling that the customer is dealing with a truly local operation. 

 That local focus has been particularly important for serving the Norwegian market. “Norway was initially quite a struggle because they are not part of the European Union,” Deane notes. “Consumers there typically assume buying products from foreign websites will mean higher costs because of import charges.” To solve this issue, Perfume Click set up a new business entity in Norway, a step that was not required in the other three countries that are all EU members.

Good service is fast service

Of course, keeping customers happy also means delivering their order as quickly as possible, which is a particular challenge for Perfume Click. Fast airmail delivery is not an option because fragrance products are hazard-marked.  

 To solve this challenge, Perfume Click considered different alternatives for efficient land-based transportation throughout the Nordic region and decided to partner with Bring. The collaboration has enabled Perfume Click to ensure that orders have already cleared customs before they arrive in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This avoids additional delays, meaning customers can typically receive their package in 3 to 4 business days.

 As Perfume Click has expanded in the region, they’ve learned that Nordic consumers want delivery that is not only fast, but also flexible. Working with Bring has helped them to meet this demand as well. This is thanks in part to a wide network of e-commerce service points that allow customers to collect their packages when and where it is most convenient for them.

 But for Deane, the greatest success of the partnership has been the Bring track and trace abilities in the region. “Bring had the best tracking systems of all the Nordic carriers we spoke to,” he explains. “It’s been a seamless integration with our own systems in the U.K. As a result, our customers always know where their parcel is, and that’s been valuable when it comes to ensuring the best customer service.”